Monday, August 20, 2007


A Song by April Edwards

There’s something about the way The sun goes down at night
It’s like something
Is asking me to stay

There’s something about the way
The kids turn out the light
It’s like something
Is begging me to stay

But I’m leaving now
I guess this is good bye
To the lake, sunrise, sunset
To football games and singing late at night
So Goodbye, Kenya, Goodbye

But there’s something that I’ve noticed
About myself these last few days
It’s like I’m different now
In some way

So remember this, my friends
Even when I go away
Kenya in my heart
You’ll always stay

So though I’m leaving now
It’s not goodbye
To the lake, sunrise sunset
Or football games and singing late at night
Just farewell until we meet again


Anonymous said...

I have loved your comments about Muhuru Bay kenya. I live here in England and was originally born in Kendu Bay along the same lake further towards Kisumu.

I was in around Muhuru bay in the last few weeks and could re-live your experience with children and late night singing and football.

I had one of the greatest times ever following my Wedding over in Kenya.

I can join in saying " though I am leaving now its not goodby but its I will meet you again" Kenya is in my heart too.

Thank you for visiting with our country Kenya. Please come back again. Karibu.

Have a bright sunny day.

Steve Okelo. E-Mail:

baraza naphtally said...

Thax for ua remaks for muhuru bay kenya i live thea thanks

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