Wednesday, October 17, 2007

At Duke

We're back at Duke, all of us are channeling our energy towards our specialty areas. We are also hard at work bringing our enthusiasm for the project to the Duke student body. Next week we will start WISER week on campus, hosting a variety of events, including a BBQ, Bake sale, Benefit Concert, among many others! It's so exciting to continue working on the project, for more information about the project (and recent website updates!!!) go to


Monday, August 20, 2007


A Song by April Edwards

There’s something about the way The sun goes down at night
It’s like something
Is asking me to stay

There’s something about the way
The kids turn out the light
It’s like something
Is begging me to stay

But I’m leaving now
I guess this is good bye
To the lake, sunrise, sunset
To football games and singing late at night
So Goodbye, Kenya, Goodbye

But there’s something that I’ve noticed
About myself these last few days
It’s like I’m different now
In some way

So remember this, my friends
Even when I go away
Kenya in my heart
You’ll always stay

So though I’m leaving now
It’s not goodbye
To the lake, sunrise sunset
Or football games and singing late at night
Just farewell until we meet again

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Computer Classes:

Ibencho Primary School:

Prashant, Mike and Andy in Nairobi:

Nyangwayo Primary School: