Thursday, May 24, 2007

DukeEngage Kenya School (July 6 - Aug. 20)

Building relationships among Duke faculty, students, and community members in Muhuru Bay, students are building a boarding school for girls in the region. Working in close conjunction with the community, volunteers are involved in all aspects of founding the school from fundraising to infrastructure design and best practices research construction.

Duke Students:
Elise Dellinger (Trinity 09)
Kelly Teagarden (Trinity '08)
April Edwards (Trinity '08)
Patrick Messac (Trinity '10)
Tyla Fowler (Trinity '09)
Mike Arndt (Trinity '10)
Sunny Kanth (Trinity '09)
Lucy Mckinstry (Trinity '10)


Richard & Peg said...

Michael, contributing to the Kenyan economy via your naïveté--sounds like you can afford the $23 buckaroos! Are any of these pictures yours or are they provided via the blog site? Looking for a picture of you! Have a wonderful adventure doing good works! Best Wishes! Richard & Peg

Ted said...

Hey Mike.... my dad just forwarded me the link to your blog. Sounds pretty cool so far. What a great opportunity! Have an awesome time. We'll have to get together when you get back for adventure stories.


Aunt Jeanne said...

Hi, Mike! It was great seeing you off at the airport. This is a great experience for you. I admire you for all you do, and I'll keep checking for your comments.
Love, Aunt Jeanne